Safety Guidelines

Safety Guidelines #

The safety and well being of your child is of the utmost concern to us. The following guidelines have been set to help ensure their safety. Please discuss these rules with your children so that everyone understands what is expected.

Swimmers 8 & Under #

  1. Children may not be dropped off and left alone at the pool.
  2. If you cannot be with your children, please make arrangements with another parent or guardian (at least 15 years old) to look after them during a practice or meet. Swimming is different from most team sports in that there are many more children than coaches. Please know where your child is at all times, including when in the water.

All Swimmers #

  1. If dropped off, go immediately inside the fence to the pool area. All children must stay in the fenced pool area during practice.
  2. Do not climb on the lifeguard stands. Hometown Heroes Pool rules must be observed at all times.
  3. All trash must be picked up after practices and home
    meets. The City will be charging the team for clean up if this is not done.
  4. A swimmer should inform one of the coaches if he/ she leaves the pool to go to the restroom or must leave practice early. Only restrooms at the pool are to be used.
  5. Swimmers must not enter the pool before their scheduled practice time and should get out as soon as their age group is released unless given prior permission by the head coach to start early or remain late.
  6. Swimmers are not allowed in the Hometown Heroes Park building when wet. This is a city rule!
  7. Please be prompt in picking up your swimmer. For their safety, you must come inside the fenced pool area to get them. This brief visit also helps parents keep up with team information.
  8. During a meet, no one is allowed in any part of the competition pool unless they are participating in an event or using a warm up lane, if provided and supervised. This includes dangling feet in areas not used for competition. Failure to follow this rule could result in your swimmer being removed from the meet.
  9. No alcoholic beverages or tobacco products are allowed at practices or meets.

Baby Pool #

With City enforcement that both pools require lifeguards, the Baby Pool will NOT be open during practices or meets. No parents, swimmers, or siblings are allowed in the Baby Pool/Splash Pad at any time.